Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Tutorial - How to sew felt on fabric : Left handed

Simply Step To Sew Felt on Fabric 
My Butterfly Felt 
(Specially for left handed like me!!)

Step 1 : Prepare Butterfly Felt cut like this. 
          (Picture felt before sew on fabric)

Step 2 : Insert the needle from the back of fabric if you start for the 1st time. 
Mine already halfway to finish. :)) 

Step 3 : Insert the needle through the loop as picture show from left to right.
 Pull the floss slowly and loose to complete the stitch in tidy look.  

Step 4 : Pull the floss to below direction and finish the last stitch.  

Step 5 : TADAA!!!...  My step already complete felt on right side. Let finish to the left. 

Easy rite?  The way to sew for lefhanded. Let try and good luck!!
P/S : Wanna share with me how your style to sew. Must be more  better than me.  


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